Privacy Policy

Hallam Medical Group collects information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. We require you to provide us with accurate and up to date personal details and a full medical history so that we may safely and properly manage your health care needs.

We may use the information you provide to us in the following ways:

  • By all Doctors in this group practice when consulting with you.
  • Administrative purposes in running our practice.
  • For reminder/recall notices.
  • Billing purposes in compliance with Medicare and HIC requirements.
  • Disclosure to others involved in your healthcare, including specialists and other health care providers outside this medical practice. This may be in the form of referral letters and/or by collecting de-identified statistical information for clinical audits used for improved health care.
  • Quality Assurance activities such as accreditation.
  • For disease notification as required by law (e.g. infectious diseases).
  • For legal related disclosure as required by a court of law (e.g. subpoena, court order, suspected child abuse).

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